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As a mindset and performance coach Adam is dedicated to helping rewire an individual's mindset, allowing them to be the very best version of themselves and to unlock their full potential by avoiding directly giving advice or solving problems, instead, focusing on asking questions to help the person identify and solve problems on their own.


Coaching  from a state of curiosity in order to ask powerful questions that facilitate your thinking, to help you create a solution-focused outcome and using neuroscience to help you unlock your own knowledge of how you will move forward and create your ideal future, self, and achievements.


As humans we have an innate, internal desire to get better, whether you want to be a better runner, to get stronger, to eat healthier, sleep better or to improve other areas of your life, we all have this desire. This desire to get better is ingrained in our DNA. This desire to get better is one of the things that makes us human! However, to be better requires change of some kind and change is something that we strive to do yet often find strangely difficult. Our brains hate to change. Your brain looks at who you are and says, “I am not so bad the way I am.”  and this is where mindset and performance coaching can support the change you want.

With a passion for supporting individuals and seeing them thrive in their environment, Adam equips individuals with the tools to propel themselves to success, to achieve their goals and transform their personal and professional lives.

Adam truly believes that coaching is about creating meaningful space for the individual, to explore and unlock their potential, maximise their own performance, allowing them to adapt, grow and thrive.

With an MBA in International Sports Management, and currently studying for an MSc in Coaching and Behaviour Change, Adam combines the latest research in Neuroscience, Positive Psychology and Coaching Science integrated with his wealth of coaching experience, to help Clients develop a Performance Mindset through ongoing instruction, daily practices, and practical application, that allows them to be their brilliant best every day.

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  • The Corporate Athlete

  • High Performing Amateur Athletes

  • The Mental Model of Self Leadership-Purpose, Self-Belief, Discipline & Ownership

  • Mental Acuity -Planning, Prioritisation, Problem-Solving & Decision-Making

  • Emotional Agility

2010 - present

2010 - present

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