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Former World Karate Champion

Adam has been my coach for 3 years. He is professional, trustworthy and honest. When I embarked on my journey with Adam I did not expect to be where I am today. Adam has used his unique techniques and strategies which on many occasions would also include patience and perseverance to enable me to overcome many obstacles I thought were not possible to overcome. Collaborating within his vast network has enhanced my progress in all areas of my life. I am continually learning and becoming a better, more healthy, confident version of myself.I would highly recommend Adam if you are looking to grow and develop.

Women's Wellness Business Owner

Coaching with Adam has drastically shifted my mindset. I recently became a mum for the first time and was really getting dragged down into the depths of mum competition as to who can be the best functioning mum on the least sleep. I saw an invitation on social media to jump on a call with Adam amidst the lockdown. I wanted to gain clarity and move forwards with my personal training business whilst balancing new motherhood. I wasn’t 100% bought in when I originally booked but I thought I had nothing to lose. Blimey. Three (? Maybe 4) months/sessions in so much in my perspective has changed. His ability to get the best out of me is unparalleled (I’ve worked with many coaches) and I have things on the horizon that I never even dreamed of before. Adam is inspiring, warm and welcoming whilst direct enough to really facilitate growth. I can’t recommend him enough.

2010 - present

GB Triathlete and High Performance Coach

Adam has coached and mentored me through my career and has directly influenced the success I have had with my personal development. The Strategies he implements are challenging, rewarding and effective. The impact he has had extends much further than my professional achievements and has allowed me to understand and gain a deeper sense of who I am, my strengths, weaknesses and core values. He continues to provide learning and collaborative opportunities through his vast network.

Head of Product- Banking

Adam was instrumental in helping me move to my current job. I first started working with Adam in a coaching capacity c.12 months ago, focussing firstly on developing leadership skills and secondly on setting a clear vision of where I wanted to get to in my career.Adam took the time to understand what I wanted to achieve and was able to guide the conversations to enable all sessions to be extremely productive, with clear & achievable actions taken. Adam has a very likeable manner and was very easy to converse with (even over Zoom / Teams). Adam was particularly great at challenging me during these sessions, ensuring that when I took actions, I was always thinking about how I could improve the likelihood of completing each action being completed on time.I can’t wait to get started with evolving my career development plan & build my skillset as I continue to work with Adam over the coming months / years.

2010 - present

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