We understand that everybody is different, which means that your diet and training should be personal to you.

At Pureform Clinic we use metabolic analysis, lung spirometry and force plate assessments to understand your current fitness and limitations.  Lab grade and used by professional athletes, we have the tools and expertise to take you to the next level.


VO2 MAX is a measure of the volume of oxygen your body is utilising at a given exercise intensity, and is an important measure for endurance athletes. Testing with us is a valuable way to ensure that every training session will be done with a purpose. 

Your consultation following the test will provide exact heart rate information defining your specific heart rate training zones, and how you can incorporate this information into your training. Knowing your heart rate zones will allow you to train smarter and more efficiently, especially for endurance sports like triathlon, cycling and running. Within the data collected we also assess your lung function, carbohydrate and fat utilisation. After your test, a follow up meeting is arranged to outline the areas you need to target to improve your fitness.


The Resting Metabolic Rate test is designed to measure the intake and output of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide in your breath while at rest. We use these ratios  to see  the calories you consume at rest, without relying on models or averages. It is also a great indication of your metabolism and can help inform training choices to optimise body composition.


We use HAWKIN DYNAMIC lab grade force plates to record and evaluate a range of tests specific to your sport or injury. As an athletic test, force plate analytics is second to none when looking at jump height, reactive strength, isometric tests, fatigue and left:right ratios, to mention but a few.


The full package involves RMR, V02 max testing, lung spirometry, body composition tests, orthopaedic and functional musculoskeletal assessments. If you want to know where you are at right now and how you can improve, this is the ultimate.

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