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Jess is a Level 4 Sports Massage Therapist, Registered with The Sports Massage Association, having qualified at St.Mary’s Twickenham in 2016.  She is also qualified in medical acupuncture which she practices at Pureform Clinic; she has been a member of the team here for over 4 years.


Alongside her work at Pureform Clinic, Jess has worked with Crystal Palace Football Club first team for the past two seasons and has also treated competitive athletes & para-athletes from various sports, including boxing, triathlon, swimming, dancing & tennis.


Jess has a background in competitive swimming, having gained national medals and reached British Championship Finals.  So, like many of the Pureform practitioners, she appreciates the importance of taking care of the body for both health and performance.


She gains satisfaction from helping clients improve their physical capabilities and muscular function, whether that be for competitive or recreational sport or injury rehabilitation & muscular maintenance.  Her acupuncture technique is also often reported to help improve clients' sleep quality, vital for both health and performance. 

Swimming injuries

Football injuries

Overuse Shoulder injuries 


Glut and Hip release

Soft tissue rehabilitation

Medical Acupuncture

2010 - present

2010 - present

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