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PUREFORM Clinic was established in 2006 by Tom Cornish and has a dedicated team of Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Sports Massage Therapists and Sports Nutrition experts. We specialise in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries and musculoskeletal pain.

Our bodies are designed to be active and the team at Pureform Clinic will work with you to strengthen and restore your body to fitness.

Our patients include top flight athletes, those who have never exercised and those who are temporarily or permanently immobile. We treat people of all ages and physical abilities.


Our services include:

+ Osteopathy

+ Physiotherapy
+ Sports massage
+ Medical acupuncture

+ Sports Nutrition

+ Rehabilitation exercise prescription (in a state of the art gym space)
+ Podiatry

+ Personal Training

+ Fitness testing including V02 max testing and RMR

+ Mindset and performance coaching

With consulting rooms in Bromley, High Street Beckenham and David Lloyd Beckenham, our multidisciplinary team of physical therapy experts will work with you to assess and treat your individual needs.

We have strong working relationships with neurological and orthopaedic specialists in the area which means, where necessary, we can refer patients quickly and agree the best care plan for you.  

Pureform Clinic welcomes self-referral and private health patients and is approved by all major health insurers.

  •  sports injuries

  •  head and facial pain

  •  neck pain

  •  whiplash

  •  back pain

  •  sciatica

  •  knee pain

  •  post-operative rehab (incl Hip, Knee, Shoulder, Spinal)

  •  hip pain

  • ​ disc injury

  •  chronic conditions, including management of auto-immune complexes

  •  reflux, back pain, sciatica and leg cramps during any stage of pregnancy

  •  pain in children as they develop

  • nutrition advice and consultation

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