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We understand that everybody is different, which means that your diet and training should be personal to you.

For anyone looking to better understand their health and fitness or how to optimise their current training schedules, we have upgraded our knowledge and services and invested in a range of clinically validated testing equipment.   These tests help us identify our clients' strengths and limitations so we can design programs that can have the biggest impact in terms of reaching your goals.

What we test?

Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Tests - this provides data on individual specific cardiovascular, respiratory & metabolic thresholds and allows us to identify VO2 max and heart rate training zones.

VO2 Max testing measures maximal oxygen uptake the body is capable of using in one minute per kg body weight (ml/min/kg) and is considered the gold standard for measuring cardiovascular fitness.  This test provides a good indication of aerobic endurance potential and performance capacity and is a great way to help plan and monitor training programs. 

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Test
Your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is the number of calories your body burns at rest; it is influenced by many factors, including: age, gender, height, weight, body composition & diet.   Measuring your RMR allows us to monitor overall resting energy expenditure and how efficient your body is at burning fat & carbohydrate as fuel at rest.  A higher reliance on fat for fuel at rest is a good indicator of cellular health and is important for both performance & health.  RMR data helps us understand daily nutrition requirements and training recommendations and can be used to monitor progress and effectiveness of interventions. 

Body composition
Most people tend to focus on their weight but, in terms of health and performance, bodyweight is just a small part of a much bigger picture.  It’s body composition, ie: the ratio of muscle:fat within that overall weight that provides a much better insight into our health and performance markers.  We measure body composition by use of skinfold callipers which allow us to take objective measures at various stages so we can monitor progress.






The full package involves RMR, V02 max testing, lung spirometry, body composition tests, orthopaedic and functional musculoskeletal assessments. If you want to know where you are at right now and how you can improve, this is the ultimate.

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