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About David


David qualified as an Osteopath from the University College of Osteopathy, obtaining distinction and winning the university's silver award for overall academic excellence. David now lectures part time at the University,
teaching anatomy on the part time pathway. He is also a massage therapist and teaches when needed at the London School of Soft Tissue Therapy.

David started his Osteopathic career as a mature student, after a 15-year career in IT.  Following a motorcycle accident that required 18 months of rehab, he decided to change his path. This gives him a unique insight into
the stages of rehabilitation and the physical and mental commitment required from both patient and practitioner following surgery.

David has a varied sporting background, competing in swimming from an early age and training in martial arts, obtaining his blackbelt at eighteen years old. He has trained in Choi Kwang Do, Jeet Kune DO and Muay Thai.
He has also completed many cycling and triathlon events, including two 70.3 races.

David worked for 6 years in London as a massage therapist, working with amateur athletes, coaches and lifters of varying standards, he has experience with Powerlifters, Olympic lifters and crossfit athletes. He believes that collaborating with colleagues, consultants and coaches gives a unified approach to achieving goals.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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