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Elodie is an osteopath who is passionate about getting her patients to move with freedom and joy. Originally a professional contemporary dancer, Elodie has also spent many years teaching yoga as well as training yoga teachers. 

Whilst working with a wide variety of patients of all ages, her background in performing arts has led her to treat performers and crew from many of London's West End musicals. She is also the in house osteopath for the Lion King.

Elodie believes in empowering her patients to manage their own long term recovery whilst listening to what is truly important for their lives. She is proud to be part of such a diverse, rich and life-enhancing profession.

- recreational athlete injuries

- women’s health osteopathy

- nerve compression injuries

- low back pain presentations

- sports and injury rehabilitation

- lifestyle guidance for pain

  management and wellbeing


2010 - present

2010 - present

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