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Pureform Clinic is a modern and progressive Sports and Rehabilitation Clinic.  Based in Bromley and Beckenham, the Clinic serves an active and athletic population from the local area and beyond. 


Having worked with a large number of athletes over the last 11 years, we wanted to give something back to sport. In 2018, we will be establishing a Young Athlete Sponsorship Program which will assist 3 Amateur/ Professional/ Elite financially unsupported local athletes to achieve their dreams.


The athlete will gain access to:


Full Biomechanical Screening

Designated Clinical Therapist (Osteopathy and Physiotherapy)

Regular Sports Massage 

Sports Nutrition Consultation and planning

Close links with Athlete Coaching Network and Strength and Conditioning 


If you would like to apply to take advantage of this great offer, please email Clinic Director, Tom Cornish, and tell him a bit about yourself, your event/ team, your training schedule, your results and, most importantly, your ambition for 2018 and beyond. We welcome applications from all sports.


Decisions will be made no later than Friday 19th January.


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